We offer the full range of garden services from lawn & hedge maintenance, planting & weeding, tree work, power washing, gutter clearance, fencing, paving and design. Scroll down to read more about each of our services...

Lawn Care

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Hedge Maintenance

If your garden is another room of your home, then hedges are its walls. 

We have years of experience in managing hedges of all varieties and all shapes and sizes. With specialist equipment and an exceptional eye for detail, trust us to manage this most important of garden features. 

Tree Work

Whether it’s simple seasonal pruning to keep your tree in tip top condition or more extensive tree surgery, we can help. 


A great lawn and tidy hedges create the perfect canvas for your creativity. Let us help you realise the garden of your dreams with help and advice on what flowers and shrubs would help your outside space reach its fullest potential. 

Garden Clearance

We’ve dealt with gardens which just needed a good spruce up to full on derelict garden makeovers. No job too big or too small. 

Our beautiful climate is perfect for growing a variety of moss which is a major problem if you've taken the time to lay a patios or deck as overtime they can become quite slippery and even dangerous to walk on. Power washing is a quick and easy way to spruce up your outdoor area without having to reinvest in a new surface - but it can be a messy job if not done properly!

Decking, fencing, decorative stones & wood bark laying, raised bed and veg box building, gutter clearance and uPVC cleaning – you name it, we’ll take it on. Call us for a quick chat about your needs.